yoeleo carbon fiber wheel review

Yoeleo 58mm Carbon Fiber Wheel Review | Unboxing + Weight

We just received a set of Yoeleo 58mm Carbon Fiber wheels and decided to do a quick unboxing video. I threw them on the scale for a quick weigh and shared the reason I picked them over other more well known brands. These are super easy to setup as tubeless, as you don’t need to add a rim strip or tape. The weight also came in surprisingly under the advertised 1630g.

Link to Wheels: https://www.yoeleobike.com/cycling-wheelsets-sat-c58-58-db-sl.html

Tubeless Tire Mounting Video

(Challenge Strada TLR tires + Goat Head Sealant) with Molly Cameron

First Riding Impressions

I’ve put about a thousand miles on the wheels so far. Riding in Ireland, Spain, and Portland, OR.

They are surprisingly stiff for the weight. I consider the feel to be similar to the Enve wheels I’ve used in the past and stiffer than my previous carbon wheelset (HED).

I had a massive flat after hitting an unseen object during a night ride and it knocked the front wheel slightly out of true, but that was to be expected with the impact.

So far, for the money, these are a great race and training wheel set and I recommend them to all of my friends.