2019 orbea orca review

Orbea Orca Review: A Glance at a Truly Superior Road Bike

Are you looking forward to a ride that is enjoyable? Well, Orbea Orca is a bike that is designed with a different philosophy altogether. This bike does not focus on a relaxed position and flexibility alone.

This bike aims to achieve the pursuit of high performance. Orbea Orca is meant for those riders who want to ride fast. What makes Orbea Orca stand out is that even after riding on different terrains it is difficult to figure out the limits of this bike.

The performance of Orbea Orca is marvelous in all situations. This bike is responsive and provides the needed comfort to the rider.

Our Review

We reviewed Orbea Orca and figured out that there is a key secret behind the success of this bike. It delivers excellent performance due to the low weight. Orca offers a revolutionary ride quality and offers excellent balance to the rider.

You will surely appreciate the incredible handling capability of Orca. This bike is designed after immense research. Orca is developed keeping into consideration how a frame behaves under the rider’s weight.

No wonder Orca can handle the vibrations and bumps that get transmitted through the frame. The bottom bracket of Orbea Orca is designed to be efficient, and this is why the rider gets the feel that Orca is responsive.

This bike has got natural flex patterns, and carbon layup has been used to create these patterns. Orca has a perfect top tube structure as well that contributes to the perfect ride. The rider feels as if he is floating on the rough roads.


2019 orbea orca frame omr disc

Offers different frame types

What is worth appreciating about Orbea Orca is that it offers three different frame types. The objective of all the three frames is to deliver high performance. Plus, the three frames types are designed to deliver different levels of stiffness to the rider.

These three different frame types differ in the tubing profile. Orbea makes use of exclusive carbon fibres in the frames so that it can optimise the weight to stiffness ratio. The OMP and OMR carbon fibres used in Orca are a class apart.

There is no denying the fact that the carbon fibres are responsible for the distinctive ride quality offered by Orca.

The exclusive fork

Orca provides a stiffer and lighter fork in comparison to its predecessors. The reason is that the fork has a massive impact on the ride quality. Now, the benefit of a stiffer front end means that Orca will be more responsive. Plus, it can provide improved tracking through the corners.

Superior modulation

Orca has superior disk brakes, and they allow more control to the rider. The disc brakes can increase the braking forces into an incremental and smooth way. The facility is not available with the rim brakes.

orbea orca disc

The best thing about the disc brakes is that they can handle the broad spectrum. They help the rider to control the speed in a threatening situation as well.

Another advantage of the disc brakes is that you can attain more power when you ride the Orbea Orca. The disc brakes allow you to stop immediately. The fact of the matter is that the disc brakes have great mechanical leverage that does not get affected by the cable stretch.

Orca provides improved traction, and this traction is available due to the wide 25mm tires that run at low pressure. The disc brakes can attain benefit from the improved traction, and this is why they offer more power to the riders.

Improved safety

What makes Orbea Orca stand out is that the pads and the disc rotors do not get affected by the moisture. This means that you can look forward to the same modulation and power in rainy days as in dry weather.

Plus, when you ride the Orca, then you do not have to worry about the fact that you will end up overheating the rim. You do not have to worry about overheating the tires as well during sustained braking.

This is why there are rare chances that you will have to deal with heat-related failures when you ride the Orbea Orca.

Shorter Chainstays

Another thing that is worth discussing Orbea Orca is that it has got shorter chainstays. This is one of the reasons that it can offer improved acceleration to the riders.

Provides an aerodynamic position

The Orbea Orca has a lower stack, and this is one of the reasons that it can offer an aerodynamic position to the rider.

There are some other features of Orbea Orca that are worth mentioning. This bike is designed to provide chain security to the riders. It has got a hidden clamp and integrated headset as well.


orbea orca geometry chart


  • This bike has a streamlined appearance.
  • You can get hold of a lifetime warranty with Orca.


  • The only setback about Orbea Orca is that it is a bit expensive.


Now, after evaluating the different features of Orbea Orca, one thing can be said for sure. It is undoubtedly one of the ace quality fast bikes equipped with superior handling. This quality surely gives this bike an edge over its competitors.

This is why it will be a smart idea to recommend this bike. Though this bike is pricey it is an excellent option for a serious racer. Plus, this bike is durable, and this is why it is bound to last for a long time to come.

If you intend to emerge as a skilled rider, then Orbea Orca is meant for you. However, before your purchase make sure that you explore the different Orca models. You should evaluate your needs and compare the features offered by different Orca models.

This way you will be able to choose an Orca bike that best suits your needs, and you will surely enjoy your riding experience.

Orbea Orca bike is an absolute dream on the mountain descents as well so go for it if you wish to have the experience of a lifetime.