orbea orca aero review

Orbea Orca Aero Review

Orca Aero Review: Unveiling the Versatile Bike

Are you looking for a dynamic road bike? Well, Orbea’s Orca Aero leads the race. Orbea has come up with different variants in the Orca Carbon race line-up. The models include the super-light bikes and fast leisure riding bikes. Plus, Orbea has come up with aerodynamic road bikes as well among which Orca Aero is worth mentioning.

We will just give a detailed review of Orca Aero here so that you can make your purchase without any doubts.orbea orca aero

Our Review

When we have to give a realistic view about Orca Aero, then there is no denying the fact that these are the best looking bikes on the road. The quality is evident from every design feature.

What makes Orca Aero great is that it been able to adopt more aerodynamic profiles and the length vs. width exceeds the 3:1 ratio. The fork is the most noticeable and a versatile feature of this bike.

The wide fork contributes to the decreased turbulence adjacent to the respective wheels. The fork blades have an increased depth that helps to deliver a four-watt saving.

The brilliance of Orca Aero is evident through the direct mount rim brakes and hydraulic disk. Orca Aero has come up with effective stopping power and offers a low-drag profile.

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Reversible aero-profiled seat post

Orca Aero offers a conventional road position due to the presence of reversible aero-profiled seat post. The appreciating factor about the seat post is that it can help to reduce the air turbulence as well.

The seat post is designed in a way that it can retain its absorption and vibration capability. What you will love about the seat post is that you will be able to adjust it without an issue.

The Orca Aero seat post employs a system that facilitates a superior range of saddle adjustment positions.

Allows smooth air flow

What you will like the most about Orca Aero is that it has a quality seat tube and the manufacturer has profiled the seat tube around its rear wheel to acquire smooth air flow.

Superior quality internal cable runs

Orca Aero provides clean internal cables. The cables have got service ports as well for maintaining the cable types. The best part is that the down tube cable port is interchangeable. It offers wireless, electronic and mechanical groupsets.

You will notice the fact that it quite easy to install Internal Cable Routing and it is friction-free as well.

Perfect integration of stem and headset

You will be impressed by the clever integration of the stem and the headset into Orca Aero’s top tube. The integration makes it easy to fit in the handlebars.

Bottle Bosses available with multi-positions

This bike provides bottle bosses with multi-positions. Now, the rider has the choice to fit in the bottle cages to minimize the drag or maximize the capacity. It becomes much easier to improve the bike’s center of gravity due to the multiple bottle cage mounts

Maximum responsiveness offered

What you will love about Orca Aero is that it provides pro-level lateral stiffness and this helps to maximize the responsiveness of Orca Aero.

Orbea has also ensured the fact that it builds less-stiff OMP fibres to facilitate a smooth ride to the riders. However, Orbea has made use of high modulus OMR fibres in the respective power transfer zones.

These high modulus OMR fibres have been used in the head-tube to facilitate direct steering. The bottom bracket cluster also makes use of high modulus OMR fibres.

Flattened sides, double radius and shortened tail available

You will notice that Orca Aero has flattened sides and this helps to reduce the friction present at the front of the tubing. Plus, you will be able to attain a better drag at a low speed.

Another superb aspect of this bike is that it has a double radius. The benefit of the double radius is that it helps to open up the airflow around the specific tubing profile.

Orca Aero has a shortened tail also. The shortened tail makes it easy to use the flatter tubing. The advantage of the flatter tubing is that it can soften the air flow moving towards the bottle cages.

Reactive steering

You will enjoy using the steering of Orca Aero as well. The steering is reactive.

If you want to change the direction, then you will have to make some inputs in the front end, and the job is done.

Exclusive MyO program available

Recently Orbea has come up with a MyO program so that the riders can customize their bike. As a rider all, you need to do select the color of your choice, and you have to select your component option as well.

This customization program also allows you to add your name to the top tube. The fun part about the customization is that you will be able to relate your bike in a better way.


  • This bike is super-fast and agile.
  • It offers decent smoothness and great handling.


  • It is a bit difficult to ride this bike on coarse asphalt.


There is no denying the fact that Orca Aero is wonderfully balanced. It has got giant asymmetrical chainstays that can transfer power with an efficient feel whether standing or seated.

You will surely applaud the quality of this bike because it can go uphill too without an issue. The high-speed stability of this bike is also quite good. Now, one thing is quite evident here, and that is the pros supersede the cons. This is why it will be a wise move to get hold of Orca Aero right away. This is one decision that you will not have to regret at all.

This Orbea model is surely worth the investment and is bound to last for a long time to come. However, if you want your ride to be more enjoyable and you want to be sure that you invested in the right bike, then make sure that you explore the features of Orca Aero and try to gain as much information as possible about this bike.

If you are well-versed with the features, then you will become accustomed to this bike in no time so do remember these million dollar suggestions at the time of your purchase.